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Energy infrastructure indispensable in the fight against climate change

In the 4th report, HCSS addresses the long-term trends for energy infrastructure (including tank storage), by analyzing technological developments in relation to global climate ambitions. Find the outcomes in this report.

As the world is aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and beyond, policy support, international relations and the development of new technologies are key determinants of what the next decades will look like. Despite significant uncertainty, reliable energy infrastructure, including storage, handling and transport, is essential in the fight against climate change. This paper seeks to distinguish long-term trends for energy infrastructures by analyzing technological developments against the background of global climate ambitions.

As the future cannot be anticipated, scenario analysis is the only way of identifying potential pathways to 2050. The extent to which countries follow through with their announced pledges and commitments will determine the future role of energy infrastructure. Three broad pathways to 2050 can be distinguished. Find out in the report which pathways there are or watch the video.

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This report is part of a series of four reports on the role of European tank storage in global supply chains.

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