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About us


At VOTOB (The Dutch Association of Tank Storage Companies) we strive to create a level playing field for storage companies on a regional, national and international level. We provide a wide range of tailored services to members such as monitoring, analyzing and distributing of up-to-date relevant industry information; voicing the opinions of members vis-à-vis regulatory issues; and providing a platform for members to facilitate information and knowledge exchange. We work with companies on non-competitive issues exclusively, for instance: safety, security, sustainability, training and education, innovation, logistics and customs and take care for a respected positioning in the Dutch economy. The association also provides members with useful model documents and guidelines to help facilitate business.

Please note: VOTOB has no own tankstorage. If you are in need of tankstorage, please call one of our members. VOTOB can not support in this matter.


VOTOB is also an active member of the Federation of European Tank Storage Associations (FETSA), an organization representing European national tank storage associations and independent private storage companies operating in bulk liquid storage.