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Role in the energy transition

What impact will the macro-economic and geopolitical shifts brought on by the energy transition have on the future viability of the Dutch and European tank storage sector? Find out in this paper or watch the video.

The importance of the tank storage sector for our economy is great and will only increase in the future. Climate change requires storage of new alternative energy carriers and reduction of dependence on the import of raw materials outside Europe, requires sufficient stocks. VOTOB and its members are preparing intensively for this and have started various initiatives with existing but often also with new partners.

VOTOB commissioned a study by HCSS, The Hague Center of Strategic Studies (HCSS) to analyze:

  • what consequences the energy transition will have for the sector;
  • why tank storage is an essential service, is important to world economies and will remain so in the future;
  • how the sector can contribute to the new markets, resources, energy systems and partners;
  • how the sector is part of the solution in the energy transition.

Outcomes paper

You can read the total results in the paper. This is the first part of the research. The following parts look further ahead, in particular to the years 2030 and 2050. These reports will become available in the course of 2022.

Video: research paper

For a brief overview of the paper, you can watch the video here. You will be taken along in the path of what impact the macroeconomic and geopolitical shifts of the energy transition will have on the Dutch & European tank storage sector. And what the giants of the Dutch & European tank storage sector can do to survive the transition from fossil fuels.

What is necessary for the future?

Importance of tank storage

Why is tank storage important? And can it contribute to the energy transition? Listen to the podcast of the director of VOTOB and Royal Haskoning DHV. It offers a nice insight into the current and future world of tank storage. The podcast is in Dutch and unfortunately not available in English.