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Safety Maturity Tool

Members of our association are obliged to conform to the standards of the Safety Maturity Tool. Safety is the number one prerequisite for the success of the tank storage industry. Previous incidents within the industry have taught both regulators and storage companies worldwide to thoroughly re-examine safety procedures. As a result, prevention of such incidents is the highest priority.

Therefore, in order to best support our members on the safety front, VOTOB has developed a unique Safety Maturity Tool. The purpose of this tool is to audit the overall safety performance of a company and to shed light on key safety insights. The tool focuses on explicit learnings where improvements can be made to help companies achieve a more ‘mature’ level of safety conduct.

The Safety Maturity Tool looks both at the documentation and at the day-to-day practice. The audit consists of three crucial components: mindware (safety culture), software (management systems) and hardware (assets). To ensure unbiased results, an external auditor leads the auditing process. The Safety Maturity Tool is also a modular system to which new safety modules can be added when required.

The Safety Maturity Tool is more than just a safety audit. It fosters a way of thinking that values a learning attitude over merely ticking a box. It helps people internalize various safety matters and put them more accurately into practice. According to VOTOB, the mission of safety is one in which we live by to raise overall safety standards in the industry. In this way, we provide a platform for member companies to come together and learn from each other, on the safety front and beyond.


For more information about VOTOB or the Safety Maturity Tool please read our leaflet.